i need you to love me

Posted: 08/14/2008 in Uncategorized

since i involved you all (monday’s ponder post) then i’ll carry out this journey on here and let you peek inside my life a tad bit.

i’ve heard this song on the radio A LOT. but it didn’t really click with me. until my sister called me yesterday and said – this is your song!!!!!!! and i’m like – oooooooh. you are right!!!!!!

i need to accept where i am at. instead of dwelling on the mistakes i’ve made. let them go and acknowledge the things i’m feeling and desiring and seek those, focus on those, meditate on those things. i’m allowing so much negativity in my life by focusing on what i’ve done wrong. (big things, and silly lil things that i missed; like typos) i kept telling myself that remembering when i messed up was a way of never doing it again. but instead it’s the first thing that happens in that situation again… make sense??

so what i focus on does really alter outcomes…

  1. heathermama says:

    it does!!!!!!!!

    love that song!

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