the coolest old man you’ll ever meet

Posted: 08/18/2008 in Uncategorized

went home to his mighty God last thursday…

payton was something else! i absolutely hate open caskets and the traditional visitation and funeral scene. i have some pretty alternative ideas for mine! : ) but that doesn’t mean i don’t respect someone who chose this or appreciate it any differently. even though it’s a small town and everyone knows everyone, just because you know someone doesn’t mean you will come out of your closet and go to their funeral visitation. i’ve been to several funerals (more since i moved here than my entire life) and none over 100 or so attenders. last night the visitation started at 6 and was supposed to end at 8 but i’m sure it didn’t. at 15 til 6 the line into the funeral home was clear out to the side street a friend told us. we waited in line 30 min when we got there at 7:30. i feel for the family. i’m sure juanita is exhausted!

this man somehow reached you personally when he talked to you. forced you to go beyond the just “hi, how ya doing” – but not really wanting to hear the answer, to TONS of people! what potential that has for making a spiritual impact!

but when we were at the visitation last night, eric said “that doesn’t look like payton” and i said, “it isn’t payton”. i want us all to remember who we really are! my past posts have been focusing on love and loving myself and others… and i think this is huge for me! part of my struggle is my own physical stuff. but that’s not me! it’s not me!

tribute to payton:

in booming voice of payton d. smyser on feb. 3rd 2008:

“let us pray. mighty God, and you are a mighty God. we come before you this morning with humbled hearts. thanking you for the many many blessing you have bestowed upon us. father, as we stand before you and realize only through your grace do we have these blessings in this great country which we live. father as we prepare to share a portion of that blessing back to you; i ask that you bless both the gift and the giver and that it might be used for the glorification of your name. in christ’s name we ask it. amen”

payton: the dude that showed his big catches off to anyone he could find!!! : ) it brightened your day and you couldn’t help but giggle while he showed it to you, he would be soooo happy!  

payton: the dude who in the middle of the church service is caught staring straight up at the ceiling; later admitting he’s simply trying to figure out why they aren’t all spinning the same direction. LOL


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