guess who’s so big!

Posted: 08/21/2008 in Uncategorized

we went for a long walk yesterday, 2 actually now that i think about it! she looooves the stroller! i am so glad! i won’t get as much exercise now that she likes the stroller since i won’t be walking with a 20+ weight in my pea pod (aka sling). although i walked a lot faster with the stroller than when she’s in the peapod. so many it will balance out ok! 

we are headed to osky by ourselves saturday, just us girls. eric has a men’s retreat on saturday. i’m so excited! they are gonna help me iron out the final prototype for lizzie’s bday invites and then i hope we get to just play with the kiddos, chat and chill! it seems like when we go for a bday or with an agenda the hours/day go by sooo fast! i’m hoping this time can be really laid back and relaxing!

  1. stampit74 says:

    oh wow! I can’t wait to see you both! We can go for a walk! Well, we could anyway, but it’ll be fun to see her in the stroller. Oh, she’s growing up, so fun to see, but it’s hard not to miss the “baby” too! happy/sad – that’s a mom!

  2. MC says:


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