i was right

Posted: 08/24/2008 in Uncategorized

yesterday we went to osky by ourselves, just us girls… it was a blast! and i was right, she is ok with the car seat now. the car ride was no big deal at all! i have been praying for this for almost a year now. you may think it’s petty – it’s not – you just have never been where i have been if you think this is petty. the timing is perfect. : ) just in time for a 4 hr trip one way this weekend. just another thing showing me that lizzie is so big and not my itty baby any more. 

lizzie faith went swimming with her cousins yesterday, by swimming i mean barely standing in the water that was about ooooh 2 inches deep and fussin/whinin the whole time cuz it was colder than bath tub water, while other times it was a full blown out cry. so even though this sounds soooo fun when i say, “we went swimmin”, it wasn’t! i think it would have been TOTALLY different if i would have been in the water with her! but i didn’t see the point in getting even my toe wet. lol i’m not a big swimmer and feel no need to place the emphasis there at 11 months. someday she will want to splash and play. i’m content waiting.    : ) she looked so cute in the swimsuit auntie h had though!!!! that was worth ALL the drama!

we went to see gma and gpa b friday too. they got a new puppy, franky b. we like him LOTS! he’s just our size and thinks he is the coolest! not cooler than lucy though!!!

every time we go to osky i’m so amazed how well lizzie plays by herself. my mom has some pretty cool toys that lizzie loves. they aren’t baby toys like what we have here, they are bigger girl toys and she knows it!!!(we’re going shopping in the city this weekend for big girl toys!) usually these times are the “downtimes” of the day and i’m recovering or feeling really beat so the camera is the last thing i think about – but i will try to remember to grab it next time.

  1. Pam Sparks says:

    Saturday was so FUN! So glad you came!
    Looking forward to seeing you all again this weekend! YEA!

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