Posted: 08/27/2008 in Uncategorized

i’ve got a lil sick one today. bummer!! i’ve given her some things and she perked right up but is still stuffy and not sleeping well. i love cuddling but after a bad night, i need her to take a good nap by herself for some “me” time or i’ll go insane! and then i can cuddle all day. i live for sneaking out of bed around 7 and liz sleepin until 8. those are my best days. regardless what happens, i can keep an upbeat attitude with a start like that. but i’m called to love the unloving, not love the lovable… so i shouldn’t be complaining! this time is so brief, i’ll miss it when it’s gone.

i’m so thankful i’m caught up with my work so i don’t have to stress about taking a sick leave. what a blessing!

the weight of training is baring down on me. i am fully aware this time is crucial. it’s just sooo constant it’s draining. she’s in everything – shredding – dumping – opening… she knows how to crawl everywhere in the house now. she walks the whole perimeter of the kitchen. if i’ll let her she’ll open every cabinet and drawer. she knows food comes out of the fridge and tries to pull it open constantly, or when it’s open she hauls rear to get to it before it closes. i want an obedient child, a God-fearing one yes, and a momma/dadda fearing one too! i’ll continue to say and sign “no” a thousand times a day and train actively. i pray for wisdom and discernment!  

yesterday i had a load of diapers already folded they just needed put in the drawer. liz likes to walk all the way around the laundry basket and pull everything out after it’s been folded. so we are learning the difference between folded and unfolded… : ) but anyway. this time i turned around to open the drawer and turned back to the basket on the floor to pull the diapers out to put them away and here was my lil red beauty handing me one diaper. so i took it and said thank you and put it in the drawer, turned back around and there she was again, standing all cute with one diaper extended to me. she was so thrilled. one by one we put the diapers and wipes in the drawer. she signed “all-done” when we were finished. so cute! she’s a good helper!!!

she’s 11 months and one week. this is so unreal!

  1. aj says:

    Oh my goodness, that is just to cute! What a big helper is right!! You are doing a good job keep it up.

  2. Heather says:

    how adorable! i gushed! 🙂

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