ready to go?

Posted: 08/29/2008 in Uncategorized

NOPE! my lizzie faith is back to her normal self. her teeth hurt but what i am giving her is making it seem like she’s not cutting teeth and she’s able to nap her normal napping hours and such without me holding her (thank you hylands!). i love holding her, but i just need about 20 min of a “break” and then i’m good. three days without having that 20 min in a 24 hour period without her is so draining. but i love her! : ) 

so i have stuff lined up next to the couch and stuff on the couch. separated into piles of liz’s cloths and my cloths, stuff we need in the car to reach during the trip and stuff that doesn’t matter where it ends up. i have made sure any directions we do need are with the “food basket”. (that’s my secret to never losing the directions – who has ever lost their food on a road trip?! my point exactly!) so i’m feeling a bit more organized. i’m still feeling overwhelmed. i know though if i have it organized well in the house, eric will have an easier time knowing where to load stuff in the car. i hope! this is usually a battle ground for us so i’m hoping to make it go a tad more smoothly this time. : )

today i’m headed to kville and to westerns to get a few things and meat. 

i got a surprise in the mail yesterday. when i ordered my computer i got enough points to get a $25 itunes gift card! i didn’t even know about it!! gonna go right now and order a couple cd’s for the trip. specifically; a wiggles cd. liz loves the wiggles. she likes watching them but a cd will be really handy since we don’t always have the dvd player in the car and she dances just the same with the cd. : ) she’s a goof!

alrighty – she’s napping, so what am i doing on here?! well this time, i’m not exactly sure.  

have a fun labor day

  1. Jenn says:

    do you have a vhs player? i have a wiggles, space dancing video that i bought for colby when emma was born that both of them are very over. i was going to get rid of it, but if you have a tape player you are welcome to it until it dies. let me know if you want it & i’ll set it aside. the quality is still good, far as i know–not grainy & yucky like some tapes get.

  2. breanna says:

    are you sure you won’t want it for your little one?? if not, sure. we won’t be at church sunday but you can stick it in my box.

  3. Jenn says:

    didn’t get this till today because still no net at home, but i’ll leave it at the church tomorrow during sonlight. we’d rather have her enjoy it now than let it sit and got to waste for another year & a half before ours would enjoy it. have fun!

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