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i’m so tired it’s not even funny! 

i slept good! i really did! wonder what the problem is. i feel like i’ve been tired for days, weeks even. if i didn’t know better – i’d think i was pregnant! but i DO know better! more multis today for me!

today is a busy day. i’m not so sure i can keep up with it but i have to. i have lots to do at church still and it’s friday! ugh i hate having things to do on friday at church. all week i do everything i can to make it so i have maybe an hour of work on friday. just seems like everyone/thing works against me on that. oh well! it is what it is. 

liz and i are off to kville for some shopping. this weather has thrown us both off! she has NO winter cloths. i bought her two sweaters last week cuz i figured restaurants and hotels are always cold (traveled last weekend) but that’s it! she has one pair of jeans and two sweaters. no socks that fit. no tights. this is a problem! but not for long – that is if the stores have what i want! they better! i hope they have some shoes i like too. she has decided her white ones with pink flowers are too small. they are my fav and i’m so sad to see them go. she has tennis shoes but she can’t wear those with dresses!!! and of course we’ll be after groceries too! *sigh* 

i’m off to get some food packed and such so we can head out when she wakes up. 

(sorry for the boring post! i feel boring today!)


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quality is horrible but it was the closest camera to me when she started walking. she did this one other time today and that was the first time. so this video was the second time she’d pushed this stroller on her own. yay liz! hopefully you don’t get sick watching it. it’s really shaky this time cuz i had to keep up with her. when she was walking towards me she was walking faster than i could walk backwards so it’s really bad quality then. SORRY! but like i said, this is really just for me. : ) poor quality is better than nothing!