Posted: 09/06/2008 in Uncategorized

i’m hoping the hussle and bussle of planning two parties two weekends in a row will distract from me really “feeling” my baby turn 1. my sister and i talked about it for a just a minute and i was in tears. i’m not living in denial. i’m just not allowing myself to fully think about it to avoid bursting into tears on a daily basis. i’m saving it for the nights before each party. ugh! (i am posting a reminder to my hubby to read this post now so he can be forewarned!) 

this week will be a busy one. i have a trip to osky on the calendar, did i mention a party on sunday?!, and a family reunion here in town on saturday. besides my 40 hr work week, i have lasagnas to make, salads to toss, rolls to bake, cupcakes to bake, frosting to make, strawberries to cut and wash, a house to clean, presents to wrap, oh yea and a baby to feed. : ) it will be a fun one! 

well looks like we’re off to ottumwa for an afternoon full of fun and shopping.

  1. aj says:

    Hey I would be more then willing to do whatever!! I would LOVE to make the rolls for the party. I also can do the cupcakes??

  2. Jessica says:

    Oh my goodness! Liz is turning 1 already? I am not looking forward to Nat growing up either…

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