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i think i’m ready.

i made the lasagna’s on monday and froze them. they are thawing on the counter.

the cupcakes are in an air-tight container on the counter – frosting in fridge – strawberries cut and ready.

rolls are ready.

salad is ready in the salad spinner in the fridge – along with toppings and dressing. 

table is set.

dessert/birthday girl table is set.

birthday dress is pressed and ready.

balloons hung.

streamers strung.

flowers arranged in vases in the fridge.


i’m ready.  

oops! forgot one thing – the rest of the folding chairs need brought in from the garage.


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did you know that writing a bad check intentionally and refusing to make good on it is just plain stealing!?!

we were just at the flower shop here in town and i noticed some past due invoices (from 2007) hanging on the customer side of the counter (for the workers to know who not to allow to buy at the store…) the names were very obvious on the invoices!

i am disgusted!

what kind of message are we sending to people when as Christians we behave this way!? this is disgusting!


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here it is! is it not the cutest thing you ever saw!! i love it! way yummy-er than foodcoloring etc. doesn’t it just scream healthy and yummy!! 

i think it’s time to just get this out! (i have a love affair with cream cheese frosting!) and liz loves loves loves strawberries so the two together this is what you get! 

thanks auntie amanda for the awesome recipe and help!