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Posted: 09/14/2008 in lizzie faith, videos

well the video tells you how we feel about adrian. he is super cute!! 


(it’s sideways: gma p took this video, i haven’t figured out how to flip it! it was just too sweet not to post it!)

party time

Posted: 09/14/2008 in lizzie faith, pictures

the birthday party was fun! it went VERY well! you all know how first birthdays (or any birthday for a child) can go! 

one down, one to go!


Posted: 09/14/2008 in life

who knew a fork could cause me to dig through the house so thoroughly. this is why i didn’t want “good” flatware. i didn’t want to care when one disappeared! well, thanks to mom and amanda talking me into it ( 😉 ), i have “good” flatware and i now have a fork mia. 

i can’t believe this fork has defeated me! 

i am slowly coming to terms with this defeat. 

i look online to figure out what my replacement options are. if i buy a whole set then my numbers are still going to be off. the “perfect country” in me can’t handle this option. so i continued to google search for a place where i can buy an individual fork. yep, one lonely fork. guess what! i found one! i am going to wait a week or two and see if it turns up. i only count my flatware when company comes over (i’m not that senile) so maybe it’s a temporary situation… *sigh* but probably not! i have a history of throwing flatware away – just ask my mom, she would be so happy to tell you that i threw away a “good” spoon of hers.  (i think it was a spoon…)

i think my hubby is simply thankful i’m not blaming him!