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Posted: 09/17/2008 in family, life

i’ve been waiting for what feels like a VERY long time to write about this… since this is my only journal right now, i ache when i have something i want to write about but am unable to. but it’s time now, for various reasons, it’s time. 

i’m going to be an auntie again!

amanda and tim (my sister and brother-in-law) are adopting from ukraine! they leave very soon to head to ukraine (an fyi for ya. it’s improper to say “the ukraine”. it’s just “ukraine”) and bring home their child/children.

as many of you have probably heard the road to adopt is a very challenging one. it’s definitely a faith builder for all personally involved! but this is not what i want to focus on for this post. 

i am sooooooo excited! i haven’t cried like this in a long time (a happy cry, i mean). it felt good! what a time to praise! 

when amanda called with the news i lost it big. couldn’t even talk! the last time i remember feeling that way was when i was announcing we were having lizzie. i feel equally as excited today for amanda and tim. the road has truly been tough! but god is so good! 

she also said something very cool at the end of her phone call. she had read: when we ask god (this is not a direct quote) for something and we continue to ask for months and months, we even beg for months and months, especially when it’s something as deep as desiring children and we see no light at the end of the tunnel. there comes a point AFTER we PRAY that it’s time to PRAISE. even if we don’t physically see god working we KNOW he is! what immediately came to my mind was when a child announces they are hungry and continue to beg for food, even after you’ve started to fix them food and they can SEE you have every intention of feeding them very soon. they still continue to beg and plead as if you’ve been starving them for years and are showing no sign of feeding them anytime soon. when you’ve ALWAYS fed them when they’ve asked! god has never let us starve! i should know better than to act like he starves me, cuz he doesn’t! 

today we praise! 

  1. Britt says:

    Awesome news! Congratulations to all of you! Prayers are still coming their way ..

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