Posted: 09/17/2008 in learning

i find myself saying, “i’m so tired of politics”… then today when i was thinking it, i thought right after that, i wonder what i really mean when i say that. i figured this was relevant since the journey has only begun with the election and such… but i know i say “i’m so tired of politics” about other things too! like organizations, work, church, etc. so what’s the difference between organization, managing, and “politics”?

it feels like when i say it, that i’m lumping  a whole bunch of concepts into one term and calling it good. but what exactly am i thinking or referring to when i say it?! well that’s what i decided i was going to figure out today.

“Politics is the process by which groups of people make decisions.” 

hmmm… (i’m researching this as i’m typing it.) so basically when i’m saying this, i’m saying i want to make all the decisions! LOL that sounds about right, huh! boy i should just let people do their job and worry about my own!


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