i was right

Posted: 09/19/2008 in lizzie faith

i said that tooth would be coming through and she’d walk before she turned one.

yesterday i started cleaning the garage out. i got a blanket out, put it in the middle of the garage, put toys on it, pulled the wagon so she could reach it and pull up on it if she wanted to stand with something (though she doesn’t need this, she has been standing along for weeks now). i turned around, started sweeping this area for a few sec, turned back towards her to check and see how my setup was working. i guess not so well, cuz she ditched it and was walking towards me. total of approx 10-12 sets. it was a long distance! *sigh* 

i know why she walked, she had been crawling around in the grass outside and had reached the sidewalk and continued but stopped pretty soon after. she didn’t cry but her knees were pretty tore up. i think she thought the garage floor would hurt her too. 

now she is just choosing not to walk. and that is fine with me! i can see it in her eyes when i tell her to walk to me.

eric sees the third tooth on the top, i do too. i don’t think it’s broke through the gums yet though.

happy friday!


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