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pictures vs layout

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i’m super curious how this layout works with photos. so i’m adding some random photos as a test run. thanks for hanging with me while i play! : )


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it’s my preference.

i find it much easier than dealing with truth.



my sister and brother in law leaving for ukraine in a matter of days for 4-6 weeks. we’ve never been apart for more than 2 weeks. even in college i came home! our family just doesn’t go without one another. we will be using skype and we all have webcams (i think it’s called i-sight actually – i’m not as up-to-date with mac as i’d like to make you believe) so we will “see” each other, but this just won’t do, i know it! i know the easy thing would be to pretend they aren’t gone. not actually accept them leaving on an airplane, etc. i know this won’t work, but this is my first instinct.

this feels like such a selfish post – please don’t think poorly of me! i’m just slowly dealing with every aspect of this and this is where i am today.



lizzie is one. in exactly 2 hours one year ago, my water broke and the next 5 hours changed my life forever. my heart is so heavy. i know this sounds so silly. i tend to feel things very deeply, mourn deeply… i’m terrible with goodbyes – i just dart (see above paragraph!) to avoid a hug goodbye! 

i feel like i don’t have enough memories for her to be one! i feel gypped! even though i know this is a lie! i refuse to believe it… but it doesn’t erase the way i feel. i’m ready for the hussle and bussle of the party so i can just move right along and forget this whole thing happened! 

monday a dear friend is headed my way to spend the day – so i won’t even be able to deal with the aftermath emotions of the party! tuesday i’ll be so swamped with work i know i won’t have a second to think about her age! thank goodness! again i’ll have succeeded at dodging the truth and facing the facts.


yes, i KNOW this isn’t healthy! leave me be and let me pout!


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i love my handyman! he’s fixing our front screen door as i type! yay! if you’ve been to my house lately i’m sure you noticed it didn’t quite shut (LOL this is an understatement). i thought this was because the foundation on this house sinking in. today denny pointed out that we were missing several screws from the outside frame which was making the top half of the door fall in. whoops! yay for super landlords (not!). but yay for gpa d who noticed things we didn’t!

silly us!!

we’re young, what can we say!?!


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what do you think?

comment and tell me what you honestly think!

like the plain and simple better??

i am in the mood for change!

i honestly liked so many of the designs so i will probably give them all a shot before i settle! but i may stick with this one too. it’s so unconventional. i’ve never visited a blog with this set up. i like that!


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today’s find while garage saleing! i found an all black highwave joloppi mug. yes i have one already! BUT you know i have an obsession with coffee mugs… i love these travel mugs. who can pass it up for 25 cents! it feels like a regular stoneware mug but it has a hidden lid to reduce spilling etc.