Posted: 09/20/2008 in creative

what do you think?

comment and tell me what you honestly think!

like the plain and simple better??

i am in the mood for change!

i honestly liked so many of the designs so i will probably give them all a shot before i settle! but i may stick with this one too. it’s so unconventional. i’ve never visited a blog with this set up. i like that!

  1. heathermama says:

    I like it! I wanna copy! which on is this?

    how does it look with pictures?

  2. breanna's says:

    the theme is: DePo Masthead by Derek Powazek/Noel Jackson
    i really like it too!! so unconventional!

  3. Betsy says: ‘Nuf said. 🙂

  4. aj says:

    I like it too!!! I better not copy too!!! :0)

  5. heathermama says:

    I won’t copy it… 🙂
    since we are sister’s and all but when you switch to another… than maybe I’ll steal it! hehe

  6. MC says:

    i like it. I like the comment word “bubbles” too. Fun.

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