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i recently met a group of ladies here in town who i have lots in common with! this has been so exciting for me! they invited me to meet them on fridays to study helpmeet. my sister had given it to me not long after i got married and i hadn’t got through the whole thing. i’ve really enjoyed reading it the last couple weeks! 

something that hit me today that i had to share!!

…being in God’s will is the only thing that makes you full of joy…

i know for me personally, making sure that i’m constantly in God’s will (living out of my heart) has caused me to make some pretty difficult decisions. some that many people don’t agree with. my confidence comes from knowing without a shadow of a doubt that i am in God’s will. and truly, it is joy that i feel! even though those decisions were tough and i cried, and it definitely isn’t the easy choice, i sleep well at night. that is huge for me!

now on to the next decision to continue to walk in God’s will… i’ve not arrived and hope to never until heaven. 


i’ve also been reading sacred romance by john eldredge for our tuesday night small group. (it takes a lot to get me to sit down and read, i’m a go-er, but i really do love to read!) i just finished the first chapter and it all feels so relevant with what’s been on my heart lately. so far all i can hear (because this is what i’m going through right now) is live; from your heart. God calls us to be living from our hearts! This is what separates us from the world! matt 23:25-28;

“the external life… the life of ought and duty and service, was what mattered… and Jesus said, no you’re wrong! in that life you are just plain dead.”

“what God cares about is the inner life, the life of the heart.” 

i am an “act of service” kinda girl! i will work for you until my lips turn blue and there’s no oxygen in me cuz i gave it all to do whatever you wanted me to do. it is so refreshing to be reminded – yes it is important, but is it, it!? NO! there’s soooo much more! and if we are missing that, then there’s a problem – i’ve been missing that! i’ve been working my tail end of in service and missing everything else… 

“to lose heart is to lose everything” 

also i want to say too, i added a new page “book list”. please know i like these books but i also don’t like EVERYTHING in each of them. i will list them if i agree with the majority of the content. please follow your God-filled-heart and use God-given discretion to apply it to your own life. : )

the world: “busyness substitutes for meaning, efficiency substitutes for creativity, and functional relationships substitute for love.” -john eldredge 

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for fathers: the other side of the glass trailer

oh i am sooooo excited about this!!

part of me wants no one to talk about it; i want left alone to do what i want to do and i don’t want any publicity about it. i feel it threatens the medical world and they are very powerful and will do everything they can to twist this to benefit them or they are honestly screwed financially if this catches on.

the other part of me is SO excited about this and wants to see it. i’m not sure which part is stronger or will win in the end…

i am often torn!!

if this doesn’t make you feel something (or bawl, like me!) and wonder what in the world is going on or you tell yourself not every hospital is like this, then something is even more wrong! (of course this is all in my humble opinion! LOL)

thank you traci for showing me this!


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this has been on my mind a lot lately. eric and i have talked about it and have come to a decision. shwoo! it wasn’t easy though! it’s not usually easy to come to a decision that isn’t what the majority of the population is doing. it’s tough to know which “battles to pick” and which ones to leave alone. i’ve really been focusing on eternal significance. i believe the bible has called us to live each day focused on the eternally significant acts not the things of this world that will rot.  

this is some of my research i wanted to document for future reference for myself – i’m sure i’ll have a lot of people asking me “why” we decided not to celebrate halloween and i really like these two things…

History of Halloween

The modern holiday of Halloween has its origins in the ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain (Irish pronunciation: [ˈsˠaunʲ]; from the Old Irish samain).[1] The festival of Samhain is a celebration of the end of theharvest season in Gaelic culture, and is sometimes [2] regarded as the “Celtic New Year”.[3] Traditionally, the festival was a time used by the ancient pagans to take stock of supplies and slaughter livestock forwinter stores. The ancient Gaels believed that on October 31, now known as Halloween, the boundary between the alive and the deceased dissolved, and the dead become dangerous for the living by causing problems such as sickness or damaged crops. The festivals would frequently involve bonfires, where the bones of slaughtered livestock were thrown. Costumes and masks were also worn at the festivals in an attempt to mimic the evil spirits or placate them.[4][5]

i believe that i can not take something original evil and twist it and make it “good” just by only dressing our children up in cutesy costumes vs. scary ones. isn’t that what the devil does to trick us. that may feel extreme – maybe it is, maybe it isn’t; that’s relative. but what if we are playing with fire here?! what if it isn’t harmless!? the risk is far too great for me to take! 

we also don’t eat food dye or white sugar so it seems silly to go collect candy to throw away. : )

i think this is cute!! this is a children’s book titled: “mommy, why don’t we celebrate halloween?

‘October 31st again and all the kids are trick-or-treating,’ said Jerry as he looked out the window in front of his house. ‘Mom, why can’t we go trick-or-treating like all the other kids? Are you afraid we’ll eat too much candy and our teeth will rot?’

‘Well, Jerry,’ said Mom, ‘I certainly don’t want your teeth to rot, but no, that isn’t the reason you can’t go trick-or-treating. As Christians, Daddy and I don’t let you take part in Halloween because we know Jesus doesn’t want us to do such things.’

‘But why, Mommy?’ Sarah exclaimed. ‘What’s wrong with Halloween?’

‘Think for a moment, children, about other holidays we celebrate. Take Christmas, for example. How does Christmas make you feel?’ asked Mom.

Happy!’ exclaimed Sarah.

Excited,’ added Jerry.

‘That’s right,’ said Mom. ‘Christmas is a time of happiness and excitement as we celebrate the birth of Baby Jesus. Do you remember what the angel told the shepherds the night He was born?’

‘Yes,’ said Sarah. ‘The angel told the shepherds good news of peace and great joy.’

‘That’s right,’ said Mom. ‘Halloween has none of these. Halloween is filled with fear, meanness, and sadness.’

‘I don’t understand, Mom,’ said Jerry. ‘How is dressing up in funny costumes and going door-to-door to get candy scary or sad?’

‘The devil is very good at making things look wonderful on the outside that are wrong on the inside. Halloween is one of those things,’ Mom said.

‘Many Christians haven’t been taught the true meaning behind Halloween. They can’t see the truth behind the costumes, parades, and candy of Halloween,’ continued Mom. ‘Only when we know the truth about something can we know whether it is good or bad for us. That’s why the Bible says we are free when we know the truth.’ (See John 8:32.)

‘So, what’s the truth about Halloween, Mom?’ Sarah asked. ‘Why shouldn’t Christians take part in its fun?’

‘Let me see if I can explain it a bit better,’ Mom said. ‘First, let’s think about Christmas again. When the three wise men came to visit Baby Jesus, what did they bring Him?’

‘Presents!’ Sarah said.

‘Yes, presents,’ Mom agreed. ‘When they gave Jesus the presents, the wise men knelt before Jesus to show that they honored Him.’

‘What does it mean to honor someone?’ Jerry asked.

‘To honor someone means that you show great respect for that person. You show that you understand his importance and great worth,’ Mom replied.

‘But we don’t kneel before anyone at Halloween,’ Sarah protested.

‘You see, Sarah,’ Mom said, ‘there are many ways to show honor. One way is to set aside a special day, a holiday, to remember some important person or event.’

‘Yes!’ Jerry agreed. ‘Thanksgiving reminds us of the big dinner the Pilgrims shared with the Indians to thank God for His help in the New World.’

‘Exactly,’ Mom responded. ‘What event do we celebrate at Easter?’

‘That’s when the angel rolled away the stone,’ Sarah answered. ‘Jesus wasn’t dead anymore!’

‘That’s right,’ Mom replied. ‘At Easter we remember God’s love when He sent Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. We also honor God for His great power that brought Jesus from death to life.’

‘So what do we honor at Halloween?’ Jerry asked.

‘A long time ago,’ Mom answered, ‘many people did not believe in God or honor His Son, Jesus. Instead they honored statues made of wood or stone. They also worshiped things in nature like the sun and the stars.’

‘Do you mean they bowed down to them like the wise men knelt before Baby Jesus?’ Sarah asked.

‘Yes, Sarah,’ Mom said. ‘They sang praises to their statues just like we sing praises to Jesus. They believed that the sun and stars had great power.’

God must not have liked that! He wants us to worship only Him,’ Jerry said.

‘You are right, Jerry,’ Mom replied. ‘God’s first laws for His people teach us not to worship any other gods or to bow down to their statues.’ (See Exodus 20:3-5.)

‘But, Mommy, we don’t worship any statues or other gods at Halloween,’ Sarah said.

‘In many parts of the world,’ Mom answered, ‘Halloween is a religious holiday – a holiday when people worship satan and honor evil. In fact, it is the biggest holiday on satan’s calendar, kind of like Christmas and Easter on our calendar.’

‘But why?’ Jerry asked. ‘Where’s the evil in Halloween?’

Long ago the people who worshiped statues and nature also believed that the spirits of the dead could control the living,’ Mom said. ‘They thought that the souls of wicked people who had died returned on Halloween to harm or scare the living.’


(click on the link above “mommy, why don’t we celebrate halloween?” or here to read the rest of the story




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this is just one picture of lizzie faith in one of her new outfits for her birthday! she is stylin now! : )