Posted: 09/23/2008 in birth, health, parenting, vaccinations, videos

for fathers: the other side of the glass trailer

oh i am sooooo excited about this!!

part of me wants no one to talk about it; i want left alone to do what i want to do and i don’t want any publicity about it. i feel it threatens the medical world and they are very powerful and will do everything they can to twist this to benefit them or they are honestly screwed financially if this catches on.

the other part of me is SO excited about this and wants to see it. i’m not sure which part is stronger or will win in the end…

i am often torn!!

if this doesn’t make you feel something (or bawl, like me!) and wonder what in the world is going on or you tell yourself not every hospital is like this, then something is even more wrong! (of course this is all in my humble opinion! LOL)

thank you traci for showing me this!

  1. sarah n says:

    I feel torn about this as well. I have no frame of reference as far as home birth goes, but I was very happy with all the births of my kids. The only thing that I get concerned with home birth is what happened to Callie, my placental abruption. I feel strongly that without the doctor’s immediate care I would have bled to death and Callie would have possible died as well. I lost a LOT of blood. What are your thoughts on those exceptions??? I’m just curious. It really changed they way I felt about things after having such complications.

  2. breanna's says:

    i’m glad you asked! šŸ™‚ i think it’s an honest assumption that people make; since it’s a homebirth nothing can be done if there are complications. i believe that if not every than most complications can be dealt with successfully at home. one site i would recommend is http://www.empoweredchildbirth.com/articles.html#birth it may even talk about a placenta abruption. there’s lots of “tricks” like not cutting the cord until all the blood is drained from it and the placenta is birthed, by that point (30 min or so) you know if something is wrong and i would say leave the cord attached; it can sustain life for your baby up to three hours.
    i feel like you asked about access bleeding too and what we would do at home for that. there is a homeopathic remedy that i used for bleeding; it stops access bleeding. these are just the things that come to mind when reading your comments/questions. there’s tons though!
    i hope this movie shows what the idea role for the father is and empowers men! i’m excited about that! and i REALLY hope it doesn’t promote midwifery. *sigh* ok; now i know you are thinking tmi. lol

  3. Britt says:

    That does look really good! I have to say that although homebirth is an amazing option, and one that I fully support .. it just wasn’t for me. I had a great delivery with my first, but I know that it was largely because I stayed at home for the long part, and only spent a few minutes pushing in the hospital. I felt very let down by the staff, and was grateful for all the info I got (a lot from empoweredchildbirth.com and Ina May Gaskin’s books) that gave me the confidence and the knowledge I needed. With Viv, I had the total hospital experience, and it was great .. but only because of my doctor and my own knowledge.

    Not everyone has my doctor, who allowed me to follow my own instincts and asked permission. The hospitals take advantage of your instincts, and your pocketbooks. I hope that even if not everyone wants to homebirth, their eyes are at least open to the manipulation of facts given by so many doctors and nurses and that future doctors and nurses can open their eyes to the brainwashing affect med school can have on them.

    Okay, okay .. done now :o) Thanks for sharing!

  4. breanna's says:

    i think too, what peeked my interest was that it talks so much about what is done to the baby immediately after birth… i felt like a lot has been discussed on drugs and intervention but what about the things they do immediately. (suction the mouth/nose, rub em down, stick their fingers in their mouth, etc.)

  5. heathermama says:

    more about placenta abruption! it is totally preventable. It’s all about diet…. here is a link that talks about it more! http://www.blueribbonbaby.org/

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