Posted: 09/23/2008 in books, learning, life

i recently met a group of ladies here in town who i have lots in common with! this has been so exciting for me! they invited me to meet them on fridays to study helpmeet. my sister had given it to me not long after i got married and i hadn’t got through the whole thing. i’ve really enjoyed reading it the last couple weeks! 

something that hit me today that i had to share!!

…being in God’s will is the only thing that makes you full of joy…

i know for me personally, making sure that i’m constantly in God’s will (living out of my heart) has caused me to make some pretty difficult decisions. some that many people don’t agree with. my confidence comes from knowing without a shadow of a doubt that i am in God’s will. and truly, it is joy that i feel! even though those decisions were tough and i cried, and it definitely isn’t the easy choice, i sleep well at night. that is huge for me!

now on to the next decision to continue to walk in God’s will… i’ve not arrived and hope to never until heaven. 


i’ve also been reading sacred romance by john eldredge for our tuesday night small group. (it takes a lot to get me to sit down and read, i’m a go-er, but i really do love to read!) i just finished the first chapter and it all feels so relevant with what’s been on my heart lately. so far all i can hear (because this is what i’m going through right now) is live; from your heart. God calls us to be living from our hearts! This is what separates us from the world! matt 23:25-28;

“the external life… the life of ought and duty and service, was what mattered… and Jesus said, no you’re wrong! in that life you are just plain dead.”

“what God cares about is the inner life, the life of the heart.” 

i am an “act of service” kinda girl! i will work for you until my lips turn blue and there’s no oxygen in me cuz i gave it all to do whatever you wanted me to do. it is so refreshing to be reminded – yes it is important, but is it, it!? NO! there’s soooo much more! and if we are missing that, then there’s a problem – i’ve been missing that! i’ve been working my tail end of in service and missing everything else… 

“to lose heart is to lose everything” 

also i want to say too, i added a new page “book list”. please know i like these books but i also don’t like EVERYTHING in each of them. i will list them if i agree with the majority of the content. please follow your God-filled-heart and use God-given discretion to apply it to your own life. : )

the world: “busyness substitutes for meaning, efficiency substitutes for creativity, and functional relationships substitute for love.” -john eldredge 


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