shopping queen

Posted: 09/23/2008 in lizzie faith, videos


  1. stampit74 says:

    ahhh! so cute! It’s important that they start shopping early! lol
    Now, we just need some food items and her own little blue HyVee sack!

  2. breanna's says:

    oh that’s so funny that you said that! we just came inside from playing outside and i let her take the cart outside on the grass and she pushed it to every corner of the front yard! i didn’t get much reading done but it was so fun how much she was exploring – BUT whole point – she had a blue hyvee bag in the cart. i used it to carry toys, books, and snack outside. super cute!!!! she’s also wearing the dress you gave her. should have taken the camera with me!!

  3. stampit74 says:

    oh, I want to see! I’ll just have to come down. Are you coming up b/4 Amanda leaves?

  4. stampit74 says:

    cool – are we doing meals here? I have a roast now, thanks to some folks in MO!

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