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warming up

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ok i think i’m warming up to the idea of having a boy. (not expecting!!)

a friend and i were talking and i know the reason why i’m nervous about having a boy is because i don’t feel like i have instincts to know what to do with him! but i know that isn’t true! although i think it’s easy for me to know what to do with girls; i think i could handle a boy or two! : ) 

i’ve been thinking a lot about this for some reason; i really do want a lil deacon creed. i LOVE that name. i didn’t like it at all when i was pregnant with lizzie faith but that was because it wasn’t deacon creed it was lizzie faith! i think my husband has very good tastes! glad i married him! : )


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in my own journey as a christian i have had to do a lot of unlearning. rather i’ve been taught something other than the truth or just heard it wrong and stuck in my head. one of those things being “do not judge”. i feel like this is false teaching; this is why

john 7:24 “stop judging by mere appearances, and make a right judgement.” (be sure and read the whole story 7:14-24) check yourself before you judge! make sure you are judging by god’s standards.

matthew 7:1 “do not judge, or you too will be judged. for in the same way you judge others, you will be judged and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”  when you judge be sure and judge yourself first! do not judge ignorantly. 

question for ya

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why do you read the blogs that you read? 

is it a romance novel?

is it personally challenging you spiritually?

just brainless chatter you enjoy?



a life you wish you were living?

a lot of people that are on my blogroll are just people i know… i stopped this morning to think about why they were on my blogroll… because i think someone maybe be spiritually enriched by their blog? or because i know them? and felt i should add them; i’m on there’s…

so it got me wondering why you read the blogs you read! it reminds me of me when we had cable. i would constantly ask myself why i was watching certain shows. the answers weren’t always what i wanted to hear. i think blogs are a very good thing, but i also think Satan can use them just like anything else; it sucks, but it’s true! 

last night at bible study we were talking about our hearts/souls and that our eyes are the windows to our souls. this is why i don’t watch tv  between 12-3 cuz it’s all soaps when you only get one channel! i think of pornography and label men struggling with what goes before their eyes and then stop thinking about it like i don’t struggle with what to allow before my eyes.  

it’s everything we place our eyes on… then this morning it hits me; even blogs!  


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aren’t they gorgeous!