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i don’t like to talk to politics. i don’t like to debate.

this is from my sister’s blog. i couldn’t not post it.


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lizzie faith just decided to nap 5 min before heading out the door to leave. car packed and all. *sigh* so we will be *cough* *cough* an hour late to my ‘book club’. oh well! so more researching…

what do we think about bamboo flooring? i like dark wood but i really like light too. did i already say i’m miss fickle?! i suppose it doesn’t all have to be the same?! oh heavens, my perfect country part of me just had a slight panic attack!

ok so what about laminate? what’s this like? i was always a firm NO! but i think i better look into everything! (heather – i think we need to talk! amanda – i’ll try not to bug you ; ) i know you are a tad busy! i’m so blessed to be the youngest!) 

if you go and click to read the reviews there’s a picture in the very first post, if you look at the after you can kinda see the color various and such. i REALLY like it! but bamboo. huh. never heard of it! i know bamboo is super strong… that’s the extent of  my knowledge?! anyone… anyone???

i need a notebook just to write prices in and such! oh this is worse than picking the wrong wedding colors! what if i don’t like it later or when it’s finished?! i think i’m gonna need another bottle of b complex and seriously remember to order emotional support!


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i really like this kitchen set up.


i think i would want considerably more room in the middle! i also think a major con would be that island thing, i wouldn’t want that hallow. can you imagine all the injuries with that pole!? i’m thinking big drawer for the trash can to sit. still thinking obviously! 

do you have to have a range? i think i would want to switch the oven with the cupboards along the back short wall. i don’t like the range hanging there… it’s weird to me. 

so maybe i don’t like this picture as much as i thought i did! LOL brother!


ok now this one i really like (below)! i like the cupboards, color and all (i have all white appliances though – how do we feel about appliance paint (black)??)

i’m just not sure how to fit it in with these plans…



the “dining room” will be the school room. the back wall “breakfast” room will be pushed back several feet to make that the actual eating area/dining room with a table with leaves to make it into a more formal dining table. so the master suite maybe that much bigger, not sure yet, but it won’t cut into the laundry room etc. it will all just be pushed back. there’s no upper floor so ignore the stairway in the great room. we plan to cut into the master bathroom and closet a foot or so to make the kitchen wider so there’s room for a pantry and a doorway. these are all just our initial thoughts. subject to change even as soon as 5 min from when i post this. LOL



but the whole purpose of posting the plans was to figure this second kitchen picture. i say eliminate the weird bookshelf thing on the left cuz that’s not something i like, and turn it a bit and then it’s exactly the right angles and such. i like the range hidden in the wood. i think really i just like these cupboards and not so much the layout…


i think i have a major problem with range hoods!! (eric got us a new one for this house! it’s white, and small! yay!)

the end

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well it’s the end of another week… 

i’m not at all where i hoped to be when i started out this week. i have 4 loads of laundry in baskets folded and ready to be put away, a load of diapers in the wash and a dishwasher hooked up to the sink needing emptied soon and a pile of dishes on the counter that need washed by hand. *sigh* this is where i shut down! i get too overwhelmed from neglecting daily tasks that i just continue to let it go. i’ve been doing it all week. 

i’m unsure how i end up in these slumps but i sure despise being in them! 

this afternoon lf and i are headed to the park here in town. we’re gonna meet the other “helpmeet” ladies and chat about the created to be his helpmeet book. i’m almost all caught up with my reading (i had eight chapters i needed to read since i was behind from last week), i have two more chapters to go. it’s hard to read about how to be a better wife/care-taker when reality is your house looks like a DUMP! as long as i’m honest while discussing the book and not pretending like my house looks like it has 10 maids and is a spotless castle than i’m fine. : ) 

hope you all can get outside and enjoy the weather today! it’s gorgeous!

thinking again

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last night eric and i were talking… denny had heard of another house for sale and did some homework for us and it got us thinking about building a house again. (the house he was looking at is a lot like the house we are in now; same carpet and all! LOL not an option!!!!) we both know how much work it is and know, yes the result is awesome, but it’s so hard to just buckle down and say ok, it’s time! i really think it is time though and eric agrees this time!

so we did some math, my brother-in-law told us a good amount per square foot to help us figure, looked up a loan calculator, etc. so that both made us feel better and worse! it’s unreal what everything costs!

i pulled out the old house plans websites i had bookmarked on the laptop and looked at them again. i still like them! i want to make a few changes, of course. it has 2 children’s bedrooms (each large enough to have a couple children in each room), master suit with full bath, stand-up shower and separate tub with jets, walk in closet, another full bath, school room/office, half wrap around porch, attached two car garage and full un-finished-for-now basement.

we may hve to compromise on a few things to make it so we can actually do it. i know i’ll decide more when the time comes and i have the actual prices in front of me. i’m praying i don’t have to compromise on wood windows vs vinyl and eefis vs vinyl siding (i honestly can’t remember how to spell it now! i was so proud of myself for knowing but now i don’t! amanda, heather, mom, someone correct me!) BUT i did say last night i was fine compromising on siding because i don’t have to look at it every sec of everyday, but i will not compromise on flooring, countertops, cupboards, etc. 

there will always be pros and cons for starting as soon as the ground unfreezes BUT it feels like this one beats all; b and h will be building then!!! this means we won’t be able to help each other like we would have been able to. *sigh* i guess another spin is we will all be done working on major house projects after this. 

all part of the journey, i’m excited and terrified! now if we can just find the perfect land! i’m really picky!