Posted: 09/26/2008 in house, learning, life

lizzie faith just decided to nap 5 min before heading out the door to leave. car packed and all. *sigh* so we will be *cough* *cough* an hour late to my ‘book club’. oh well! so more researching…

what do we think about bamboo flooring? i like dark wood but i really like light too. did i already say i’m miss fickle?! i suppose it doesn’t all have to be the same?! oh heavens, my perfect country part of me just had a slight panic attack!

ok so what about laminate? what’s this like? i was always a firm NO! but i think i better look into everything! (heather – i think we need to talk! amanda – i’ll try not to bug you ; ) i know you are a tad busy! i’m so blessed to be the youngest!) 

if you go and click to read the reviews there’s a picture in the very first post, if you look at the after you can kinda see the color various and such. i REALLY like it! but bamboo. huh. never heard of it! i know bamboo is super strong… that’s the extent of  my knowledge?! anyone… anyone???

i need a notebook just to write prices in and such! oh this is worse than picking the wrong wedding colors! what if i don’t like it later or when it’s finished?! i think i’m gonna need another bottle of b complex and seriously remember to order emotional support!

  1. heathermama says:

    I didn’t like the bamboo as much as I thought I would ! i have both of the samples you can see them if you’d like! Ben prefers no laminate… but we will do it in the basement for a floating floor and possibly in the mud room… maybe just vinyl where water doesn’t matter and can be mopped right up! or vacuumed! I’m with mom… central vac is a MUST HAVE! we are paying a bit more to get a wet dry vac… so it will clean carpets, furniture, and mop/vac hardwood at the same time! whooohooo!!!

  2. chelsea says:

    Our kitchen in laminated wood floors… Its ok for THIS house but if i were to build a house.. I’d want REAL hardwood floors. I want bamboo dark wood(cherry color).. I think laminate would be good for basements just b/c its cheaper than real hardwood and if there was ever water in basement, that’d be easier to replace.. i never thought of that til i read h’s comment.. I saw on tv of a house with the vacuum thing in the walls.. that is a MUST! what a Great idea!!

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