the end

Posted: 09/26/2008 in life

well it’s the end of another week… 

i’m not at all where i hoped to be when i started out this week. i have 4 loads of laundry in baskets folded and ready to be put away, a load of diapers in the wash and a dishwasher hooked up to the sink needing emptied soon and a pile of dishes on the counter that need washed by hand. *sigh* this is where i shut down! i get too overwhelmed from neglecting daily tasks that i just continue to let it go. i’ve been doing it all week. 

i’m unsure how i end up in these slumps but i sure despise being in them! 

this afternoon lf and i are headed to the park here in town. we’re gonna meet the other “helpmeet” ladies and chat about the created to be his helpmeet book. i’m almost all caught up with my reading (i had eight chapters i needed to read since i was behind from last week), i have two more chapters to go. it’s hard to read about how to be a better wife/care-taker when reality is your house looks like a DUMP! as long as i’m honest while discussing the book and not pretending like my house looks like it has 10 maids and is a spotless castle than i’m fine. : ) 

hope you all can get outside and enjoy the weather today! it’s gorgeous!


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