thinking again

Posted: 09/26/2008 in house, life

last night eric and i were talking… denny had heard of another house for sale and did some homework for us and it got us thinking about building a house again. (the house he was looking at is a lot like the house we are in now; same carpet and all! LOL not an option!!!!) we both know how much work it is and know, yes the result is awesome, but it’s so hard to just buckle down and say ok, it’s time! i really think it is time though and eric agrees this time!

so we did some math, my brother-in-law told us a good amount per square foot to help us figure, looked up a loan calculator, etc. so that both made us feel better and worse! it’s unreal what everything costs!

i pulled out the old house plans websites i had bookmarked on the laptop and looked at them again. i still like them! i want to make a few changes, of course. it has 2 children’s bedrooms (each large enough to have a couple children in each room), master suit with full bath, stand-up shower and separate tub with jets, walk in closet, another full bath, school room/office, half wrap around porch, attached two car garage and full un-finished-for-now basement.

we may hve to compromise on a few things to make it so we can actually do it. i know i’ll decide more when the time comes and i have the actual prices in front of me. i’m praying i don’t have to compromise on wood windows vs vinyl and eefis vs vinyl siding (i honestly can’t remember how to spell it now! i was so proud of myself for knowing but now i don’t! amanda, heather, mom, someone correct me!) BUT i did say last night i was fine compromising on siding because i don’t have to look at it every sec of everyday, but i will not compromise on flooring, countertops, cupboards, etc. 

there will always be pros and cons for starting as soon as the ground unfreezes BUT it feels like this one beats all; b and h will be building then!!! this means we won’t be able to help each other like we would have been able to. *sigh* i guess another spin is we will all be done working on major house projects after this. 

all part of the journey, i’m excited and terrified! now if we can just find the perfect land! i’m really picky!

  1. Chelsea says:

    i hear you! I found land I want, its on the west side of town, 5 acres, outside of town but still on a paved road.. PERFECT) its $80,000!! I hate how $$ is stopping us from doing what we want.. I keep telling myself… SOMEDAY we will get to do that… For now I guess we will just have to find a house that’s bigger(we’re looking).. i’m bummed as i want to BUILD a house.. Doesn’t hurt to dream and think about what you want… i almost know exactly what I want in my dream house.. a few things i will need help with figuring out, I’ll have to go to Phil for that..:) The basement, however, will involve lots of compromising as Alex “must” have his theater…. he is talking lots of money tho, he better start saving NOW!

  2. breanna says:

    oh my heavens! i’m praying for $10,000. shwoo – 80 is a lot! it does sound beautiful though! and if you want to stay there forever; ideal is best! keep praying! you know that song from point of grace “how you live” (its on youtube) but it says, “want what you want, but want what you have.” heather pointed it out to me yesterday – it’s huge for me right now…! dreaming is ok, as long as we don’t forget about today; ya know! ok – i’m done! : )

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