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“see ya later”

Posted: 09/27/2008 in life

tomorrow we scoot off to church; run home to replenish the diaper bag, change clothes, grab lunch, the crock pot and fruit salad stuff and head to osky to hang out and say our “see ya later’s” (it’s not BYE and yes it a coping method; leave me be!) to amanda and tim.

i don’t want to be teary! cuz they aren’t leaving us! they’re going to get their children and coming home.  so um pray for me!  but pray for tim and amanda even more! what a new, big, scary, exciting thing for them!

presidential voters guide

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presidential voters guide

eric found this; it has questions and answers that were asked of obama and mccain in a format very easy to read. click on the above link and just click download at the top and it will show up on your screen.

palin vs evangelicals

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