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this video is very controversial. i want to warn you now. click here to watch the whole thing. click here to watch a shorter trailer to the above movie.

i advise not watching it unless you are open to information/facts against vaccinating. i know this is controversial; knowing that i still decided i wanted to post it because i believe and agree with this trailer and encourage informing all about the dangers of vaccines. i also want to know exactly where this video is to find later to reference. 

this is full of FACTS, statistics and much much more and i want you to know these are doctors speaking out against vaccines. 

if you would like more information about this video specifically go to vaccine nation

Below is the list of the participants names in the Vaccine Nation Documentary Film (click on the first underlined “here” to watch)

James Adams, PhD
Professor of Chemical Materials, Arizona State University

Dr. Mohammed Al-Bayati
Founder, Toxi-Health International

Sydney M. Baker, MD
Autism Expert, Practicing Physician

Rosalie Bertell, PhD GNSH
Founder, International Institute of Concern for Public Health

Kenneth H. Bock, MD
Autism Expert, Rhinebeck Health Center

Representative Dan Burton
US Congress, Chairman, Government Reform Committee

Harold Buttran, MD
Board Physician, Environmental Health

Jennifer M. Daniels, MD MBA
Private Physician, Family Practice

Joseph W. Durocher
Vaccine Rights Attorney, Professor of Law

Jane El-Dahr, MD
Professor of Pediatrics, Tulane University

Barbara Loe Fisher
President, National Vaccine Information Center

Stuart H. Freedenfeld, MD
Board Certified Family Practice Physician

Ralph Fucetola, JD
Regulatory Attorney, Health Freedom Expert

Trevor Gunn, LCH
Medical Biochemist and Homeopath

Neal Halsey, MD
Professor, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

Patrick Hanaway, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Genova Diagnostics

Dr. Archiedes Kalokerinos
Medical Practitioner

Raphael Kellman, MD
Specialist, Internal Medicine

David Kirby
Award Winning Investigative Journalist

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director, Natural Solutions Foundation

Bennett Leventhal, MD
Professor of Psychiatry, University of Illinois

John Martin, MD, PhD
Immunologist, University of Southern California

Julie Matthews, CN
Certified Nutrition Consultant

Dr. Karen Midthun
FDA, Office of Vaccines Research and Review

Steve Nenninger, ND, NMD
Doctor of Natural Autism Treatments

Jim Neubrander, MD
Board Certified, Environmental Medical Physician

Paul A. Offit, MD
Chief of Infectious Diseases, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Nancy O’Hara, MD
Assistant Medical Director, Defeat Autism Now!

Lawrence Palevsky, MD
President, American Holistic Medical Association

Rep. Sandra Peterson
Minnesota House of Representatives

Marie Bristol Power, PhD
Special Assistant on Autism, National Institutes of Health

Evelyn Pringle
Investigative Journalist

Patrick Quanten, MD
Independent Health Advisor, UK

Lyn Redwood, RN, MSN
President and Co-Founder, SafeMinds

William T. Redwood, MD
Physician, Lyn Redwood’s Husband

Sheila Rodgers, MS
Founder, Association for Comprehensive NeuroTherapy

Dan Rossignol, MD
Physician, International Child Development Resource Center

Cindy Schneider, MD
Medical Director, Center for Autism Research and Education

Paul Shattock, B.Pharm
Vice President, World Autism Organization

Dr. Jane Siegel
CDC, Vaccine Advisory Committee

Magda Taylor
Director, The Informed Parent

James S. Turner
Chair, Citizens for Health; Consumer Attorney

Anju Usman, MD
Medical Director, True Health Medical Center

James Woods, PhD
Professor of Toxicology, University of Washington


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it’s been a long time since i’ve done my nails! 

we found some waterbased, safe, no acrylic fingernail polish from a company we order our healthy products from so i splurged and got some! it’s just clear, i’m not a bright red kinda fingernail girl. but it sure is fun to even just have clear on.

i think it’s more just getting 10 min by myself! 🙂 i have a date with a book and a mug full of tea planned tonight too! i hope i get to do it!