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on my bed

Posted: 10/01/2008 in life

today i went into the bedroom to put lizzie down for a nap and there was a lil cricket jumping on my bed! seriously! i was not impressed! i watched it hop around for a while, while i chased it with this and that to try and capture it. he really thought he was going to defeat me, and then for him it turned into night all day while he sat under a book until daddy came home from work to squash his guts out! wasn’t the bedroom surprise eric was hoping for!

thank you honey!


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gianna jessen

Posted: 10/01/2008 in abortion, learning, life, videos

so today i was handed this piece of paper with various info on it and a picture with this gal’s name. i’ve never heard of her before. even eric had heard of her before! so what do i do?! i google her! : )

here’s what i came up with. i am so impressed and thrilled with what she is doing! 

side note: how often have you heard someone say they want to be hated by others like Jesus was?! i loved it! she is kind; loving; passionate and of course not deliberately trying to be hated by others, but naturally she is hated by the abortionists. boy this feels familiar!