my heart and mind…

Posted: 10/02/2008 in life

…aren’t here today! they are in a whole nother country with my brother in law and sister!

i can’t stop thinking about them!

wondering what they are doing…

if they got the internet card to work…

if the cellphone started working right…

if they are warm (i’m freezing)…

if they found some good food (i’m starving!)… 

basically anything and everything i do makes me think of them! this may seem like just an ordinary day but it is not ordinary at all!

 i’m so excited for them! what an experience to get to go to another country and come home with a bonus or two!!!!! this is their time and i’m so excited for them! i just simply can’t wait for them to come home! 

…until then, every time my phone rings i will secretly (or i may even say it) wish it were them calling! and i will obsessively make sure my volume is up on my computer just incase they skype!


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