Posted: 10/02/2008 in life

i love it! it’s my new favorite thing! 

amanda and tim were online this afternoon and heather, mom and i were able to snag them and chat! oh what fun it was! i hadn’t got worried about them until they called the first night and talked to mom and dad, but hearing them today is so exciting! they were in such good spirits! : ) we laughed and they sounded soo good! i’m sure they are exhausted having traveled for so long. amanda said the 8 hour flight was tough! i bet! i’ve never sat for that long without stopping to at least walk around. i am praying now for their flight home with kiddo(s) having to sit for that long! i hope they can sleep the majority of that flight!! 

anyway! it was so fun to hear from them and i can’t wait to hear from them again! i feel very blessed to have a new computer with a camera too! the kiddos can skype back and forth; chat and see each other and all of this is FREE! so fun!! but i personally don’t care how much it costs to talk to them! i will pay whatever. : ) you can’t put a price on talking to them fo-sho! 

i wish i had fiber-optics though. i think my connection is the one that is “weak” out of all of us when we conference called this afternoon. or it could just be that we were connecting almost half way around the world! how cool is that?!

  1. stampit74 says:

    Truly AMAZING that we could chat away just like we were across town!!!
    I figured I’d have to type…still can’t believe you could hear me cuz I sure don’t see a “mike” on this thing! lol!

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