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Posted: 10/03/2008 in life

i was blogging yesterday morning and a friend of a friend katy did a cute survey and it got me in the mood for one. so i googled surveys and looked for a fun one. here’s what i came up with. i wanna see your answers. comment me and let me know if you did it too! 


What color is the sky in your world?      blue  
Do youlike Zebras?      not really, they are strange   
Have you ver been asked out by a random stranger?  yes  
Do you like the color green?       some shades i heart; others not so much   
Would you ver get a Henna tattoo?   nope  
Do you ever read celebrity blogs?     nope  
Do you have a bestfriend?     yep, a few  
What is the greeniest thing closest to you?     a post-it-note  
Do you like Salami?  not even a lil  
Describe a red and black snake.    huh!?  
Did you play with Barbies or Hot Wheels?   i didn’t; barbies are slutty  
Why are some oranges called navals?    i have always wondered that myself  
Do you like John Travolta?     i don’t! i don’t get what everyone sees in him. he’s ugly!  
Have you ever done an interpetive dance?    nope  
Do you like flames on shoes,cars,drawings..etc?      nope  
Do you ever drink Maple Syrup out of the bottle?     oh heavens no! i think i’d pass out  
What do you hink of mellow dramatic people?     pass  
Do you talk to things other than humans?       yes  
Did/Do you like your math teacher?      n/a  
Do you ever replace letters with symbols such as “@ for a, 3 for E”?     nope; don’t you just do that if you are cussing?!  
Do you like the color pink?     i do!  
Do you like the smell of fresh cut grass?       sometimes  
Have you ever pet a Burmese Python?        no!!!  
Are you a practing or non practicing religous member?     practicing  
Would you say your perverted?   lol no  
Can you strech your neck like a giraffe?   i don’t think so  
Do you watch Zoey 101?    what is that?  
Do you like the smell of strawberry perfume?    i don’t like the smell of much  
Did you know that a worm is not considered an insect?    no i did not!   
Are you stereo-typical?     i’m not  
Did/Do the popular girls hate you?     i don’t think so  
Did you relize this is question number 33?      i’m not counting  
Are tyou bilingual, trilingual,..etc?      bi  
Can you do the Funky Chicken?       yep  
Do you say random crap for attention?   nope  
What do you think of the word “spork”?     it’s cute  
Can you spell five plus words backwards?      yep  
Are you a heavy sleeper?     nope
Are you t he black sheep of the family?      mmm i think my family is the black sheep family lol  
Did/Do you take art classes?       yep  
Have you seen the “SpongeBob SquarePants Movie”?      no! that is soooo stupid! i’m not even going to go there  
Have you ever seen a cat hairball?        i don’t think i have and will pass at that opportunity  
Do you like the smell of bread?     i do

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