a mini shopping trip

Posted: 10/04/2008 in life

today we are headed to ottumwa! i’m excited. i always like trips to ottumwa. i loooove target! and herbergers is shooting up my list; it’s almost at the top!!! they have very good children’s clothing! i’m hoping to find a few things for me and a few things for my new niece/nephew. 

last night we went several hours without water. 😛 not fun! i pee frequently! so this is never a good situation! the faucet in my bathroom has leaked since we moved in and just seems to be getting worse. when the kids are here, they need to be able to turn it off themselves. and if we are still here for a while, lizzie needs to be able to turn it off herself too! so we just got a cheap ol faucet at walmart and eric decided to replace it last night. there are NO shut offs inside this house! unreal huh! what a pain!!!! long story short; it just wasn’t as easy as it looked initially! BROTHER!!! oh well! it’s nice and shiney (although quite ugly! but clean!) and does not drip! YAY!

bonus: my toilet flushes again!!! 


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