what a fun day!

Posted: 10/04/2008 in life, lizzie faith

we met gma pammy in ottumwa and shopped our lil hearts out! lizzie faith was such a trooper. she must like shopping! it’s so tiring to me! i had fun, yes! but it’s so hard to decide what i like, what i don’t like, what i want to spend money on and what i don’t… 

i did splurge and buy some shoes! it’s been a long time since i’ve bought “good” shoes. i usually buy old navy flipflops and payless flats. these are super cute! i do love them! : ) i hope my feet hurt less wearing these shoes vs flip flops that are very thin!! now i just need some cute socks! 

we were in the baby/children section for quite some time; trying to find something for my new niece/nephew as well as shopping for my hubby’s cousin’s baby shower this weekend. i hope they both like what we picked out for them! it was tough to decide!!! i want to pick out stuff that i like, but when it’s for someone else ya gotta guess what they like and this is sooo hard for me. it’s hard enough for me to figure out what i like! some people are born with this gift of seeing something and saying “oh that looks like so and so i HAVE to get it!” i don’t have it! 😛 i will eternally be jealous of that!

ps could gas really be under $3 a gallon soon? isn’t that hard to believe! i just noticed today; i don’t get out much. i told eric i have heard NOTHING. all i hear is people complaining when the gas climbs up up up but nothing when it is down 50 cents! so hear i am saying thank you Lord for hearing our prayers! : )

  1. Chelsea says:

    we went to ottumwa this evening and saw that gas was $3.24? its only $3.00 in Osky… $2.97 if you use your wal mart card at Murphy’s!! which is what we did.. 🙂 I hope it keeps going down!!! Be easier to travel when gas is at a reasonable price!

  2. MC says:

    Pat said Friday it was 3.03 in Altoona, WHOOO HOOO! I’m sure if it’s 3 in Osky it’s a LOT lower in Altoona…we’ve been very consistantly lower for a while. Which is SUPER exciting. I agree, thank you God for bringin down the price! It’s so much nice to see 30 bucks fill your tank than 45 or 50! whew!

    Glad you had a fun shopping trip! I love lil kid shopping. It’s Halle’s bday the 18th, but I have no clue what to do for her! ugh…see ya Monday 🙂

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