Posted: 10/07/2008 in learning, life

when i say this often times people disagree with me. that’s ok – i’m used to it. : ) i’m not sure who said this to me but since i have heard that death’s, accidents and births (major emotional events) happen in three’s i’ve paid attention and they honestly have! it’s so bazaar! anyone else noticed this?

this morning, there have been 2 deaths and a birth.

1 birth and 1 death in the same family. talk about a tough day! i’m not close to either family, but it doesn’t matter.

i’ve still spent the morning in an all consuming prayer (for these families and my own). when i say morning, i mean since 1 am. yep, i’ve been up since 1:15ish until 4:15ish and went back to sleep for 2 hours and have been up since. i’m going off of about 3 1/2 hours of sleep. oofta! but that is nothing compared to what this family is experiencing.

i will continue to pray for them! i hope somehow the healing process goes quickly!

  1. tracimae says:

    I believe it too. When my mom worked in a senior center home there were always deaths in 3’s including the hospital too. My sister who know works at the hospital beleive in the 3’s and craziness on full moons. At vb school it’s known for a 4 year cycle of deaths in 3’s by the year. The births also happen to but it’s the deaths that catch the attention I suppose.

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