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Posted: 10/08/2008 in life

so i’m just now learning who this is. i’ve been reading about his ministries on several of my friend’s blogs. i’m just now getting to research him. (my research time while nursing baby is getting less and less). look at this



“Conservatives are all aglow as John McCain pulled off an apparent coup d’état this week by naming Sarah Palin as his choice for Vice President.  Bob Unruh, writing for the conservative Christian web magazine, Worldnet Daily may have put it best when he opened his column:

….Unfortunately, this political pawn represents a fatal flaw worldview flaw.   In an effort to win the pro-family political argument, we are sacrificing the pro-family biblical argument.  In essence, the message being sent to women by conservative Christians backing McCain/Palin is, “It’s ok to sacrifice your family on the altar of your career; just don’t have an abortion.”  How pro-family is that?”

Pro-family advocates and Republicans are saying presumptive GOP nominee for president Sen. John McCain may have checkmated Democrat Sen. Barack Obama with his choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential running mate…


My point is simple.  The job of a wife and mother is to be a wife and mother.  Anything in addition to that must also be subservient to it.  There is no higher calling.  Moreover, I believe Paul’s admonition should lead us to reject any notion of a wife and mother taking on the level of responsibility that Mrs. Palin is seeking.  

My heart breaks for her.  She has been blessed beyond measure with five incredible children, but she is running hard after what the world says is ‘something more.’  I fear she will regret this some day.  In fact, I believe she already does.  I can’t imagine her going to sleep at night without a nagging doubt in the back of her mind as she thinks about the time with her children that she will never get back.

My heart breaks for her children.  Their mother, by all reports, is an incredible, intelligent, energetic woman with a great deal to offer.  Unfortunately, right now she is offering it to the people of Alaska, and the people of the United States of America when her first priority is to offer it to them.  God designed them to flourish under the nurturing care of their mother, not some surrogate.

My heart breaks for her husband.  Mrs. Palin is not even supposed to be the head of her own household (Eph. 5:22ff; Col. 3:18; Titus 2:5; 1 Peter 3:1-7), let alone the State of Alaska, or the United States Senate (The VP oversees the Senate).  He should be shepherding her, but instead she is ruling over him (Rom 13:1-7; 1Pet 2:13-17).  How difficult it must be for him to walk the fine line of bowing to the culture that is stealing his bride while still trying to love his wife and lead his family.


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i completely agree with this! so how in the world do i vote! *sigh*

i’m a huge advocate against just simply not voting; i believe a lack of vote is a vote!!

i can NOT vote for obama! can’t do it. this is very tough for me. i am very passionately against obama’s healthcare plan. where does that leave the people who have chosen a different method of healthcare for their family? then they are forced to pay thousands and thousands a year for a healthcare system they do not use-ever! what about abortion… what about gay married… i can’t vote for him, i am saying i concur with him if i do that. i know i will be voting for mccain. i’m very very disappointed with several things though!!!! 

  1. tracimae says:

    I’m either not voting or writing in Ron Paul. lol I don’t like either senator, we are doomed. 😦 I’m sad that RP said he won’t be running next time either.*sigh*

  2. Aunt Paula says:

    Just be careful because as much as I would love to agree with the article, it is not realistic for everyone. Some mothers have to have careers whether they are single mothers or married mothers. The fact that she is a mother with a career doesn’t mean her children are suffering any more than children suffer from their fathers working outside the home. I wouldn’t hesitate to give her my vote over Obama’s crew.

  3. breanna says:

    traci, i feel like, yes ron paul is who i want in the white house, BUT he isn’t a option at this point. so by not voting for either candidate that takes one conservative vote from mccain which gives obama that one vote lead and so forth.
    my hands are tied. if i were voting today; i would be voting for mccain, even though i disagree strongly that a woman be in a leadership position. it’s that or abortion! what’s the best of the worst…

  4. aj says:

    Also by not voting for McCain/Palin doesn’t mean she will later stay home with her children. Voting is not about the perfect candidate it is about the lesser of 2 evils. So vote cause Tim and I won’t be able to. 🙂 We are not voting on whether or not she should be running for VP/working outside the home but by what she has to offer the US as a VP. No it may not be ideal but really don’t get to caught up in that battle it is not worth it! 🙂 Who knows maybe it IS God’s plan??

  5. Shonya says:

    Breanna, another option is the constitution party candidate. . .admittedly, there is little chance (VERY little!) of this party winning, but what statement would it send the two major parties if many christians showed they were fed up with them and there was a large vote for someone else?! Maybe they would re-evaluate some of their practices. I think Obama will win, regardless, as much as I hate it. . .But maybe he is what we christians need in order to wake up, stop being lukewarm, and start living our professions of faith! I don’t know–can’t say how I will vote yet. But I agree with you, I have a problem with not voting at all. Don’t you think reading/discussing the Helpmeet book right now is making it even harder to swallow all this?! 🙂

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