crock-pot meals

Posted: 10/09/2008 in creative, health, learning, life

i need some good crock-pot recipes! (this is my actual crock pot! isn’t it nice! i need to actually use it more than twice a year! and i have two! i know, i’m blessed!) got any you’d like to share with me?? it seems like in my research people cook pork in their crock-pots a lot! sine we don’t eat pork that really doesn’t help me much. i have thought of a few on my own. chicken n rice, chicken n noodles, roast, the usuals earmarked for crock-pots. but what about those things i would never dream of being able to use the crock-pot for!

i’m into homemade nutritious, no preservatives, no hydrogenated fats/oils, fresh veggies, beef, chicken, no msg, no black pepper, no microwave, no white sugar, etc. etc. so i’m not into the frozen bags of food you just dump into your pot but maybe i need to write down the kind of meals that they do have in the freezer aisle and copy their ideas!!!!!!!! 

i did find this: a year of crockpotting but a lot of these aren’t super feasible! i’m going for easy people. easy! and not strange. just normal ingredients! kwim

  1. MC says:

    I have a really good receipe for some beef and noodles that we did in the crockpot…and taco soup (which was really yummy)

  2. breanna says:

    oh yummy! send it my way!! i would love taco soup! haven’t had it in forever! love it with chips and shredded cheese on top! i am sooo hungry! and beef and noodles always takes up like 5 pans after you make a veggie and mash potatoes so that would be awesome in the crockpot!!

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