Posted: 10/09/2008 in books, life, parenting

eric’s home early today. he worked for a few hours this morning on the job site and now he is working on some paperwork and this afternoon is headed over to the shop (i think) to do some stuff. i shouldn’t bug him while he is in the office but lizzie has a few times already. lol it’s nice to have him home a lil extra this week! i need to think of something for us to eat for lunch. i’m not used to cooking for more than liz and i for lunch!

i’ve been to church and back so i *should* be done work wise for the afternoon. i want to get some reading done for a book study tomorrow afternoon. i’m excited for it! i look forward to it every week. the love and respect for this group of ladies is growing rapidly! i sure hope we continue to meet, if not every week then frequently!

it’s another gorgeous autumn day. my goal is to do all the above reading outside!! i just want to sit! isn’t that allowed! 

i was blogging yesterday, catching up on some blogs i don’t read everyday but still enjoy. this is a blurb from one of them. i loved it!! i of course have never done any of these things in the post or in the comments. 😉

dirty lil secrets

inspired by dirty little secrets by trisha ashworth and amy nobile

Dirty Little Secrets is exactly what the title says, dirty little secrets. Little secrets that we, as mothers, keep to ourselves. Little secrets only we know. Little secrets only we tell. Little secrets that keep us sane. Keep us together. Keep us from ripping up the carpet and holding up a Marble Slab Creamery.

Yep, those kinds of secrets.

I’ll give you an example…

Sometimes my kids don’t brush their teeth for three straight days.

My husband would be really surprised if he knew that I think he’s the most amazing person I’ve ever met. I’m just too busy to tell him.

Sound familiar? Or there’s…

I tell my husband I am going to go potty. But actually lock myself in the bathroom, sit on the edge of the tub and read People.

Uh, huh. Anyone out there trying to pass that secret off? Certainly not me.

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i want this book! i think it would be a great read while hiding out in my bathroom!!!!!

  1. L.L. Barkat says:

    Sitting. Definitely allowed!

    Be still
    be still and know
    be still and know that I
    be still and know that I am God

    Sitting. Oh yes.

  2. Kaye says:

    I found you today via Higher Calling and I just wanted to stop in and say hi. =)

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