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busy friday

Posted: 10/10/2008 in life

it feels like saturday. yesterday felt like friday. i don’t like days like this when i feel like it’s a different day. 

i’m also feeling funny. do you know what i mean? nothing’s wrong, nothing’s going on; but ya feel funny. i don’t even know how to describe it. i feel anxious for nothing, excited for nothing, hopeful for nothing… i mean there is stuff going on, but none of those things constitute feeling this way… 

lizzie faith and i have a shower to go to in the morning, a trip to western’s and maybe to kville in the afternoon. a house to clean tonight and tomorrow tonight for my parents to come sunday… lots to do, but still this funny feeling is getting old!

but back to today; we are headed to the park to meet with a group of ladies to study the created to be his help meet book. i got so hung up on the first chapter we are reading for this week that i didn’t get the other 3 read! i hate that! that happened last week too! the first chapter really hit home on a few deep things for me! things that if i didn’t spend the week thinking on and problem solving then change wouldn’t happen. i know without a doubt that the following 3 chapters are equally as good. i’m hoping i can get what i need to get from those chapters from our discussion today and i’ll have to go back and read them completely another day. 

well the floor is all picked up and ready to be swept and vacuumed. now i just need my helper to wake up from her nap so i can actually do it! 🙂 

wishing you all a wonderful weekend.