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mom and dad brought the BEST apples today. no pesticides, no wax, hand picked by gpa tim himself! YUMMY! feeling spoiled well loved!

not quite a lazy sunday

Posted: 10/12/2008 in life

i got up early again this morning. got us ready for church and made it there before it started. shwoo! that’s pretty good! lizzie isn’t cheerful in the morning so it’s hard to get ready by 8am!! i definitely have a preference which service i like best. i’m not into the mega church mentality. we talked about it some while mom and dad were here today. it helped me see things in a whole different way! i thought i was, but i’m not. don’t get me wrong, i think it is our task here on earth to minister to people and if the church grows naturally, grow with it, don’t fight it, but forced growth is a whole nother issue.

we got to talk to my sister while mom and dad were here. that was nice. being abroad is tiring and tough! today they didn’t have running water! the workers don’t work on sunday! unreal huh! here we expect it fixed pronto and an afternoon without water is a big ordeal, let alone a day or two. 

lizzie had fun playing with everyone. she’s great fun! she was growing awful tired though and was pretty fussy in the end. she fell asleep right after they left. 

they took the crib back with them. it’s time for a “big girl bed” 🙂 now on to big girl decorating and finding the perfect bedspread! 

eric’s in a meeting and will be for a couple hours still. i best get busy and start my work week! no better time than the present!! ugh! i’m so unmotivated!

it’s a cake

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super mario wedding cake and groom’s cake 

how CUTE!

now, if only i ate food coloring… 😉


isn’t this gorgeous! i LOVE it! it’s from cakejournal she’s good!