Posted: 10/14/2008 in life

today i’m angry at GERMS! and live viruses being put into willing people’s body and then being passed to me (who was unwilling to receive the live virus!)! i’m frustrated! this alters my whole week’s plans depending on how quickly i (and my help) are able to kick it in the rear!

i’m currently in pj’s sipping my hot tea. i learned a valuable new thing. i can watch tv online! so that’s been fun! i’ve been watching some old but good favorite shows online to pass my time being sick. i have a HUGE computer monitor so it really feels like it’s tv!

lizzie isn’t feeling super either! not fun!

i’ll try to forget all my frustrations and enjoy my tea! 🙂

  1. MC says:

    what’s got u 2 down?

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