wanna know a secret

Posted: 10/17/2008 in fun

i think i secretly want to be stuck in the 1900’s, amish or this

yes, i love this! i really do! the shoes are funny though. but i like wearing more color than the amish. 😉

  1. traci says:

    Oh my! I just about said on my last comment, I refuse to dress like the amish. hahaha! Besides they only bathe on Saturday and are cult like…atleast the ones I grew up with.

  2. chelsea says:

    oh goodness B!! umm thats a huge NO! lol sorry!! no offense! eww seriously!?! only bathe on Saturdays? GROSS!!

  3. breanna says:

    ok so the joke wasn’t so obvious, huh! of course i don’t want to be amish!!!!!! but i do LOVE the 50’s clothes! 🙂

  4. Pam Sparks says:

    find the pattern and we can sew them up… CUTE! they would fit you perfectly and you would look like a couple of my mom’s sisters! They had the “teeniest” waists! too bad I didn’t inherit that! I used to have a couple of the 50’s dresses, from these aunts, not sure where they ended up though. BOO!

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