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enjoy!!! 🙂


Posted: 10/24/2008 in family, life, pictures

i feel like these photos explain everything for me. 

he’s awesome!

he was shy!

he loves gpa and hugged him for a good 5 min (seriously!).

he loves his cousin!

he loves trucks and balloons! (isn’t that BIG bob balloon the coolest! i’m so glad i found it!)

i can’t wait to go see him today!


amanda and tim are well and glad to be home…

i have a short video i will upload when i get home tomorrow. 

i was so exhausted yesterday. i chased lizzie faith around the airport for the whole hour while we waited. she was on the move! every time someone walked by towards the escalators she took off to follow them! i think she loved the rolling suitcases. i kept passing her off to people to hold her so i didn’t have to chase her around! one picture is her in the sling cuz i had to finally just tie her down! i have shine splints today! seriously! another picture she is standing all by herself – she was looking at the escalators watching for tim, amanda and henry! so sweet!

i’ll chat more tomorrow. lizzie faith is down stairs with gma and has been for a while. i better not take advantage. 😉