autumn acres

Posted: 10/25/2008 in family, fun, life, lizzie faith, pictures

say it fast and it sounds like “auto-makers”. 🙂

we had fun! the doak’s and lf and i went this morning. it was a bit chilly! 60 degrees sure depends on the windchill factor and the sun! shwoo it was brisk! the kiddos didn’t seem to mind too much. 

the cornmaze was a bit hard for our my i.q. lol we ended up giving up and following our muddy shoe tracks back to the entrance instead of continuing on to find the exit. ok – before you judge us. we had one baby sleeping in the sling, another baby wanting to nurse, and another toddler who didn’t enjoy walking sliding around the muddy trail (do you blame her!? i don’t!).

we made memories!!

lizzie fell asleep while we warmed up by the fire. the other kiddos enjoyed the cornbox, slide, trainride, and apple/corn launcher! 

thanks for the invite h! great fun! next year, the drost’s can hopefully join us! 

  1. Chelsea says:

    fun! we were there today too! Carson was mad when we had to leave.. I might have to take him there again before they close up for the season.. He enjoyed it!

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