crazier than usual

Posted: 10/26/2008 in life

this week appears to be a tad crazier than usual. 

fall bible conference starts tonight at our church and goes through thursday night. the topic is catchy. the preacher, mark scott kicked off his week conference this morning at church; “certain truths for uncertain times”. i think it will be good, and a tad relevant, don’t ya know?!

this really doesn’t create too much more work for me, but it does add enough to throw a few things off. no biggy – just need to rearrange a few things in my good ol’ brain to make sure everything gets done; a tad better than last week. guess no matter how good your help is ya still can’t take two days off! 😛 oh well! at least it’s confirmed; i’m needed. 

we went grocery shopping this afternoon because our cupboards were nearly bare. i feel so blessed; they are currently not so bare. why is that when i just went looking for a snack, i came back empty handed with the conclusion “there was nothing to eat”! aaah so frustrating!

this weekend also appears to be a busy one – i hope anyway! i’m already aching to see a new lil man in my life! i am hopin i get to see him again this weekend. i got a quick update via my mom on the phone, it seems he likes his momma lots! 😀  yay for amanda!!! it just makes your heart swell all up, doesn’t it!?!!!! i love hearing him speak russian trusting we understand him and the look on his face when i say something in russian and it startles him just so. it’s like he listens to our english (so foreign to him still) just waiting to hear a russian word! and when he finally gets it – shwoo he makes such firm quick eye contact with you! he’s a bright one alright! 

so far the words i know in russian are: 





thank you




(there’s a couple more i just learned this weekend but i can’t remember them right now!)

and “i love you” in russian sign language.

i absolutely love learning new languages. it takes me a bit to get it to stick but i honestly do have a love for learning languages! it thrills me! i remember this feeling in college when learning sign language. absolutely love it! 

have a great sunday night!! 


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