give me your eyes

Posted: 10/27/2008 in abortion, learning, life, marriage, parenting, spiritual growth, videos

we are having a bible conference this week at church. i’ve already mentioned it… it was hard to focus last night – liz was supper fussy!! still not sure what the deal was!!! hope tonight goes better, if not, i’m headed home! not worth the additional stress! exhaustion is hitting hard and i don’t see the point. best to just stay home a night or two and rest and then go the next day!!


whole reason for this post!

this song just came on the radio and it’s so relevant. one thing that mark scott mentioned in the morning service yesterday, was that as christians we are to see people (christian or not, obama or mccain) through different eyes!!!! yes, i’ve heard this before. yes, i’ve struggled with this for a loooong time. just something different this time – he said it differently… we are to have magic eyes.

give me your eyes by brandon heath

i can be so quick to pass judgment, so quick to be anything but compassionate.

it’s time for me to change!


  1. Craig says:

    we all come to a point where we realize that the judging we do is errant. We must be careful that we are looking through eyes that see others in love for how God can use them, rather than how we “think” they fail God and us!

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