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Posted: 10/28/2008 in fun, life

i’ve been tagged to play the “5 THINGS GAME” by anna.  

the rules are to write 5 things under each of the 5 headings, and then tag 5 other people.


10 years ago…

1.) 1998
2.) i was 14
3.) permit
4.) “freedom”
5.) thought i knew it all 


5 Things on Today’s “To-Do” List…

1.) make biscuits 
2.) tidy
3.) copy bulletin
4.) proof announcement loop
5.) make sure my hubby knows he’s my numero uno 

5 Snacks I Enjoy…

1.) breyers ice cream
2.) cookies 
3.) homemade cheese popcorn
4.) cheese crackers
5.) cereal


5 Things I Would Do if I were a Millionaire!

1.) pray
2.) give some away
3.) pray
4.) give some more away
5.) make sure all the children in the orphanages in ukraine were well fed and clothed

5 Places I Have Lived…

1.) 402, oskaloosa
2.) arnold, council bluffs
3.) lancaster
4.) 504, oskaloosa
5.) council bluffs (Can’t remember the name of the street)


5 Jobs i’ve had/still have…

1.) retail assistant at expressions with heart and scrap happy
2.) waitress at hunter’s coffee shop
3.) educational sign language interpreter
4.) cashier at fareway
5.) administrative assistant at harris financial and lancaster christian church


5 People I’m Tagging! 

1.) ashley
2.) britt
3.) mary catherine 
4.) kristi
5.) chelsea

(you’ll find them on my blog roll)


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