Posted: 10/29/2008 in family, pictures

have you guys popped over to see my newest nephew! the new pictures of him are a HOOT! i can’t wait to see him again!!! seriously, it’s really hard on me! once a week i go online and look for land or a house for us and yes, i looked in osky today too!!!!! i don’t think that’s being very realistic BUT it is VERY VERY hard being so far away!!!! i’m so jealous of grammy pammy and auntie h! they’ve got one serious leg up on me!!! hopefully soon we can video-skype!

  1. Shonya says:

    Brea, he is so, SO cute! I read through their story last night and it was such a joy to see how God has blessed them all. I left a note for your sis–including that I just feel this urge to hug Henry! I love that age–many people talk about the ‘terrible twos’, but I truly have loved that age with my three children who have been through it so far. They are so sweet and curious and learn so much every day. Sure, they push their limits, but they’re not ugly about it, just trying to figure out their boundaries. So, are you going to see him this weekend? Are you going to be around here Sat night?

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