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Posted: 10/29/2008 in learning

The election is one week away. America stands at a crossroad. Not only will voters decide both the next president and who will control Congress, but they will also ultimately be deciding who controls our courts. 

The FRC Action team has created materials for you to download and distribute to your friends and family to educate them about a full range of important issues in this election. Download the non-partisan Congressional Voter Guide today to see where the candidates from your state and across the country stand on these issues. 

Our Ballot Watch will inform you about the major ballot initiatives that will affect families in those states. Make sure your friends and families in those states know where we stand on those issues. This is also a useful guide to know what to pray about in this last week before these issues are decided.

Finally, download the non-partisan Presidential Bulletin Insert and give it to your church. It is crucial for every voter to know the facts on today’s top issues.

You can also help us spread the word by forwarding this email to family and friends. 

Join me as we continue to pray for this great nation.

Download the Presidential Bulletin Insert, the Congressional Voter Guide and the FRC Ballot Watch and distribute them to your friends and family.


Tony Perkins



this is something very dear to me! i believe we owe it to our founding fathers who gave up so much to launch this country; who prayed for hours and hours together before making any decisions… that’s some serious effort that is just not happening in our country now. all their effort feels in vain. i hope we can change that by stepping out and making the right decision; “vote the bible”.

many people are “undecided”. there are many issues that make me firm in my decision and i believe just a few minutes of educating yourself will make you firm in your decision as well. this is a “cheat sheet” to do just that!

let’s make it about god instead of about politics. 

ps. a few hours after posting this i was going through and reading some of my favorite blogs. my sister was also thinking about the same things i was this morning. check it out! i found it very enriching!

  1. sarah n says:

    I couldn’t agree more!

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