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ok so this is really HARD! i didn’t want flowers when i started looking for bedding… then i thought i wanted the flowers and now i’m back to not wanting flowers – yes, i did just post the post saying this is what i’m getting! it’s even in my shopping cart but i just couldn’t complete the order yet! but this, this i LOVE!!!!Penelope Quilted Bedding

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do either of these scream lizzie or do i just need to chuck them and go with something else? i’m for sure waiting until tomorrow to order anything! i hate when i get all fickle!

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Posted: 10/30/2008 in fun, lizzie faith, pictures

i think i found just what i want!!! i like the polkadot sheets better than the solid or gingham pink sheets so i’m getting the quilt in the top picture and the sheets in the last and the sham in the middle with the flowers. i think the flowers are¬†corduroy¬†fabric!! YAY! think it will go alright?? mom and i are thinking it’s adorable!!! i’m super excited about it!!