Posted: 11/01/2008 in life, pictures

eric is going to be busy building beds for a while. the white one is for lizzie. isn’t it super sweet!! i want to turn the trundle into 2 storage drawers, i think. 


this bed is for ME! right now our mattress and box springs are on the floor. we had a frame but didn’t like how wobbly it was and liz can get down off of the bed now since it’s lower. BUT i absolutely LOVE this!! i love that it’s black. i love the drawers – guess the price!!! $450! how unreal is that! i wish i lived in NY (free shipping). shipping here has got to be outrageous! i’m checkin though!! so if it’s crazy, then guess who’s making it! (hopefully – still working on convincing him to make it!) 

  1. chelsea says:

    i love that!! someday i want one!!!

  2. MC says:

    beautiful beds! isn’t it nice to have crafty hubbies who can do things like that?? 🙂

  3. Lindsey says:

    They’re both very pretty! I love the black too!

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