Posted: 11/02/2008 in family, fun, life, lizzie faith, parenting

so i must know… 

did you all remember??

we did! i’m so glad! i always see the people that forget walking into church right when it’s almost over. and everyone chuckles! so glad that’s not gonna be me again this year. lol 

it’s been a super productive morning here. lizzie got up at a quarter to seven (she always gets up at a quarter to eight). so we got up, got breakfast, hung out with daddy and then i got to work.

i made sloppy joes for eric for lunches this week. i threw the chicken in the oven to cook. right when we get back from church i’ll turn the thawing hamburger into something yummy for lunch and dive into discing, chopping making the chicken noodle soup for supper to eat at mom’s tonight before we head home to start another week. 

i’m super exciting to see henry again! and of course amanda and tim!! they have been home a full week and a couple days now. it seems like it’s been longer. i think just because it appears all the way down here, that they have settled in so well – it all seems so natural! no bump or stumble! amanda and tim may feel differently but i do see that god is sooo faithful and so good! we are blessed! 

ok on to a silly! 

yesterday lizzie and i went up to church to get some work done. my boss is having surgery so my tasks have grown a tad the next couple weeks while he’s out. so we’re working on some copying and odds and ends. i’m busy. lizzie is roaming around the basement/office area. suddenly, i think, mmm been too quiet too long. she was half way up the basement stairs! yep, no kidding. a few weeks ago she taught herself how to get one foot up on the first step but that’s it. (we don’t have stairs here, so it’s never been something we needed to learn right now! and i was waiting as long as possible!) but half way up! she got a good swat for that!! she didn’t even cry! couldn’t believe it! she stayed away fairly well with a few reminders. there’s a step up into the men’s restroom and again, i thought, too quiet… yep she was in the men’s restroom! 😛 

we went to a fall party in the evening. sooo fun! we weren’t able to stay long, i wish we could have though! next time we will plan to spend the whole afternoon and evening! it’s been so fun getting to know these woman and their families. we are all like-minded in some way, homeschooling, home birthing, helpmeets, courtship etc. their children are all what i hope my children will be, kind, polite, loving other children and babies, helpful… it’s so fun to see what this style of training and raising looks like with older children and that the reward is great!!!  i feel so blessed to have such friends this close to home! i’ve been praying years for this!! 🙂

  1. Shonya says:

    Awwww. . .that’s sweet! I remember the first time I went to a hsing meeting when B and D were about 4 and 3 and I thought the same thing: these kids are all so well-behaved and play with all ages and just what I want my kids to be! Funny how we can all be at the same spot, just different times!

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